GeneRally 2

Game Update - v0.4.d7636b3

24 August 2023

v0.4.d7636b3 - August Update

  • Early Access
  • Update


This is our major Early Access update for August. It includes a variety of new game features and bug-fixes. If you want to read more about some of the features included, you can read our preview blog post.

Gameplay & Performance

  • Implemented shadow caching, which hopefully improves performance. The dynamic shadow mode will return later as a toggleable option.
  • Added a new car, “Truck”.
  • Added two new tracks, “Rampster” and “Tachren”.
  • Made changes to how the cars respond to steering inputs to improve their stability.
  • Adjusted the braking torque across all cars.
  • Adjusted the grip of cars on mud.
  • Lowered the General’s centre of gravity.
  • Various small improvements have been made to the AI, particularly improving their ability to handle tight turns.
  • Driving through a bush now has a slowing effect.
  • Improved the way the AI handle pit-lanes and the AI pit line.
  • Improved the performance of the AI and car physics code.
  • Improved the feel of car collisions in a variety of situations.
  • Implemented some basic Steam Achievements.
  • Pit-crew will now start working on the car’s tyres slightly more quickly.
  • The method of applying wheel damage has been updated to be more consistent.
  • Moderna has been updated slightly to improve the height map in Turn 2.
  • FIXED: Cars now have grip calculated correctly on steep slopes.
  • FIXED: Players who are “timed out” at the race end, now are correctly awarded points.
  • FIXED: Skidmarks now clear correctly when the end-of-race replay loops.
  • FIXED: The jack-man of the pit-crew no longer has a death wish.
  • FIXED: The game will no longer crash when leaving a skidmark against the top wall of the terrain.

User Interface

  • Implemented some prospective fixes for the default Steam Deck controller config.
  • Improved the functionality of the follow camera, including improving its “elasticity”.
  • Added Russian language localisation (thanks to Paul Kozlovitch).
  • Added French language localisation (thanks to AurĂ©lien Folley).
  • Adjusted the tyre wear and fuel usage scaling to range from 0-200%.
  • Re-enabled driver blocks showing for AI drivers. A toggle for this option will be coming in future.
  • FIXED: Characters in the Turkish translation should now all be rendered in the correct font.
  • FIXED: Driver block flags are now correct in all circumstances.

Track Editor

  • Added a new object, “Flagpole”.
  • Added a new object, “Logs”.
  • Added a new object, “Dead Tree”.
  • Added a new object, “Container”.
  • Added a new object, “Round Booth”.
  • Added a new object, “House 2”.
  • Added “tree stump” variants for all tree types.
  • Added the ability to force a Workshop upload to be made as a new track. Please Note: this will overwrite the Workshop ID stored in the track file, so you will not be able to update the previous track, unless you have saved a copy of the track beforehand.
  • FIXED: Object placement tool in “line” mode, no longer has variable spacing depending on drag speed.
  • FIXED: Multiple GR1-imported objects now import at their correct rotations.
  • FIXED: Blue cones in GR1 tracks, are now correctly imported as blue cones.
  • FIXED: AI line edge flags are now correctly generated on GR1 imports.
  • FIXED: The height maps of GR1 tracks now import more accurately.
  • FIXED: The rope parameter no longer applies to the single object rotation.
  • FIXED: An armco barrier no longer gets placed in the bottom-left corner of the track.
  • FIXED: The height map overlay no longer shows in screenshots if it was active when saving a track.

Known Issues

  • The main menu sometimes experiences distortions or other rendering issues - changing resolution, or restarting the game may rectify the issue.
  • Occasionally, when in Windowed mode, changing the language multiple times in quick succession can shrink the game window.