GeneRally 2


See what we're planning for GeneRally 2!

About this Page

Here you can see what we’re planning for GeneRally 2. We’ll update this regularly with things we’re aiming to include in the game. You can come back here on a regular basis to see how things are progressing!

Please note that everything here is subject to change.

Next Feature Update

Subject to Change. This update will be aimed at updating the menus and introducing new features/fixes!

  • 🖥️ Menu UI Overhaul - Part 1

    We'll be beginning our overhaul of the game's menus to bring them to a better state, and hopefully fix a few of the UI bugs.

    There will be another stage to this overhaul at a later date!

    Upgrade / Update
  • ⌨️ Keyboard Rebinding

    We'll be implementing keyboard key rebinding, and allowing you to define more than two sets of keyboard controls.

    New Feature
  • 🌲 New Objects

    There will be a variety of new objects added in this update. Stay tuned to find out what!

  • 🛠️ Small Features and Fixes

    This update will include a variety of smaller features and fixes, aimed at improving the overall feel and functionality of the game.

  • 🔥 And More...

    We'll have more to add about this update, closer to its release - stay tuned!

Future Updates

These are some of the features that we'll be adding at some point in the future, if all goes according to plan. We don't have a specific date for them, so stay tuned!

  • 📡 Online Multiplayer

    Race against your friends, your enemies, or just random strangers online!

    We'll be launching this feature with basic functionality, and continuing to expand it across several major updates.

    In Development
  • ⏱️ Time-Trial & Local Records

    A haven for hotlappers - we'll be adding a time-trial mode with just you, the ghost car and no fuel, tyres or damage to worry about!

    We'll also be implementing local track records for each car and track combination.

    New Feature
  • 🥇 Online Leaderboards

    If hotlapping is more your thing, we'll have leaderboards where you can compare yourself with your friends, and the best in the world!

    Coming in Future
  • 🌧️ Weather, Time & Seasons

    These features might come in several different updates.

    Seasons will affect the look of a track; whilst weather changes and time-of-day will affect not only visuals, but the driving experience, too!

    Coming in Future
  • 🎮 Menu Controller Support

    We'll be adding support for controller-only navigation to our menu UI, so the whole game can be played without a keyboard and mouse!

    Along with this we'll also make the menus keyboard-only accessible, too!

    Coming in Future
  • 📸 Photo Mode

    We'll be adding a free-camera option to the pause menu, where you can move around and take snazzy pictures!

    Expect to see some settings, filters and effects added to this mode, so you can make the perfect screenshot.

    Coming in Future
  • 🔥 And More...

    We have many more features planned for the future of the game - and we'd love to hear your suggestions, too!

    Consider joining us on Discord to give your input about the future of GeneRally 2.