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The Cars of GR2 Early Access

Posted: March 2023

  • General

Today we’ll take a look at the cars that are coming as part of GeneRally 2’s Early Access (still on-schedule for a spring release). Initially, we’ll have 5 cars for you to drive, though more will be added during the Early Access period. We want to ensure that the base cars in GeneRally 2 feel satisfying to drive and offer unique driving styles and challenges for players of different skill levels and preferences.

If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out Markku’s post about GR2’s Car Physics.

Ultimately, we want all of the cars in GeneRally 2 to be able to be driven on all surfaces. Some cars will provide an additional challenge on certain surfaces, whilst some will be specialists on those surfaces - but whatever you pick, we hope you’ll be able to have fun on all sorts of different tracks!

Those of you who played the GeneRally 2 Next Fest Demo last month will already be familiar with the Rally car, so we’ll start our blog post there…

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Car Physics

Posted: February 2023

  • Development Update

In this blog post I will give an overview of our approach to modelling car physics in GeneRally 2. Here, as in other areas, our task is to build on GeneRally in a way that doesn’t undermine any of the features that made that game as enduringly popular as it has been.

Suspension and Steering

The largest difference to GeneRally 1 when it comes to car modelling is that GeneRally 2 models suspension in a more realistic fashion. This provides us with two potential benefits. Firstly, visually, it allows the cars to display realistic behaviour such as body roll under acceleration; wheels tracking uneven terrain; and suspension compressing when landing from jumps - this plays into our general push for a more lively and interesting world for the player to race in. Secondly, it provides a platform on which to build a more realistic handling model for the cars.

This second point, however, we have found to be a double-edged sword.

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Post Author: Markku


Markku is one of the founders of Curious Chicken Games and has been working on GeneRally and GeneRally 2 since 2010. He is primarily responsible for GeneRally 2’s physics and AI.

Demo & Steam Next Fest!

Posted: February 2023

  • General
  • Steam

GeneRally 2 is participating in Steam Next Fest, which runs from the 6th-13th of February!

The demo is already available to try, and you can find it on our Steam store page!

Note: The demo will be available until the 13th of February, after which time it will be taken down, as we continue to focus on getting the game ready for its Early Access launch!

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Happy New Year 2023!

Posted: December 2022

  • General

As the last day of 2022 fast approaches, all of us working on GeneRally 2 would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

2022 has been an exciting year for us, and 2023 should be even more exciting with the planned release of GeneRally 2 into Early Access on Steam sometime in northern-hemisphere spring!

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The Track Editor: Painting Tools

Posted: December 2022

  • Track Editor

Drawing the track

Last time, I shared my first impressions with GeneRally 2 Track Editor. Today I want to talk about the painting tools, in other words about drawing the track. This can be divided into two parts: editing the surface, and editing the height of the track. Terrain Type menu contains tools for painting the surface of the map.

The heart of the Terrain Type menu is the Surface Type tool. Currently there are 14 surfaces to choose from. Some of them are familiar from GeneRally 1, such as darker and lighter tarmac, grass, sand, mud, and snow. The biggest change from GeneRally 1 comes in the form of several tarmac types that only differ by their colors, such as green and blue. These have been included so that the users can create more delicate painting patterns, for example kerbs with varying paint schemes or trackside ornaments.

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Post Author: TuomoH


Tuomo is one of the admins of GRIF and a track-maker with almost 300 tracks released for GeneRally 1. He has played GeneRally for 20 years and thinks it’s the best game ever. He is currently building tracks for GeneRally 2!