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August 2023

August Update Preview

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It’s time to take a look at what is coming up in the August update! As part of launching into Early Access, we said we’d be making one major update per month and this post will let you know some of what you can expect from August.

Please keep in mind that everything in this post is subject to change - we may find a bug or problem that prevents us from including certain features - but this is the broad set of things we’re hoping to include.

Keyboard Key Rebinding

Updated 14.8.2023: This feature has been delayed, and will be part of the September update.

With this update, you’ll be able to bind different sets of keyboard controls, to any set of valid keyboard keys. Grab your friends and huddle around the keyboard for some local multiplayer!

New Car

Next on the agenda, the first new car since the launch of Early Access: the Truck! This little guy is aimed at providing close racing and a heavier feel than some of the other vehicles in the line-up so far.

A preview of the Truck!

We’re looking forward to seeing people go door-to-door in it when the update goes live, and we think it’ll be a player favourite when online multiplayer launches in the coming months!

New Objects & Variants

We’ll be continuing to build out the objects and variants available in the Track Editor with this update. A few of the things you can expect can be seen in this preview image - and you might find a few others scattered throughout the images we post on social media over the time leading up to the release date!

A look at a few of the new objects and variants!

A look at a few of the new objects and variants!

New Tracks

Once again, TuomoH will be working his magic and delivering a couple of new tracks to our default set. These tracks will be aimed at providing a fun racing experience with the Truck, but will be great additions to any championship!

Updated 14.8.2023: This feature has been delayed, and will be part of the September update.

The menus have been reworked, both to improve their visuals, and also to improve their underlying implementation. This will allow for further expansion in the future, and hopefully fix a few of the UI formatting bugs that have been reported.

A peek at the updated Options menu!

A peek at the updated Options menu!

This is the first part of our rework of the menus, and not many new features will be added with this patch. The second part of the rework will be aimed at incorporating keyboard and controller support in the menus, as well as improving a few other things, too!

New Localisations

Along with the update, we’ll be shipping the Russian language (thanks to Paul Kozlovitch for contributing this localisation). In addition, localisations for Italian and Polish are in progress, and hopefully we’ll be able to ship those in the upcoming update, too.

We hope that this will allow more people to enjoy GeneRally 2. If you want to help us in translating GeneRally 2 into your native language, please get in touch with us!

Other Fixes and Changes

We’ll also be fixing a variety of bugs, and implementing some other small changes and improvements - these will be included in the patch notes when the update goes live!

When is the August Update?

At the moment, all we can say is that the August update is coming at some point in August.

We have quite a few changes that need thorough testing before they can be published, so please stay tuned for a more specific release date!

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