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September 2023

Online Multiplayer & Beyond

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A couple of weeks ago, we launched the August Update, which included some significant improvements to different parts of the game, including the car physics, general game performance and some aspects of the AI.

As many of you have noticed, the monthly updates so far have been quite a mixture of fixes, general improvements and new features - general updates, so to speak. Going forward, we’ll be shifting focus to making these updates more specific to certain areas of the game and certain features.

What does this mean?

Fundamentally, we’re going to be giving each of the upcoming updates between now and GeneRally 2’s v1.0 release a particular theme or main feature focus.

In addition to this, we want to make sure that we deliver smaller fixes and features more often than once per month. As a result, you can expect smaller patches, hotfixes and updates as-and-when they’re ready to be launched, and the bigger features on a monthly basis.

Today’s update improving the AI and physics, is once such example of these smaller patches!

What feature updates do you have planned?

At the moment, we have four or five major feature updates planned (and many more thoughts about updates for the future). In this blog post, we’ll briefly cover just a few of them…

Next Update - Objects, UI & Miscellaneous Features

The next update will be the last of the “a bit of everything” updates that we’ve had so far. It will be a little smaller and more concentrated than the July and August updates - but it will still contain some significant upgrades and improvements.

You can expect to see:

  • The first round of the updated menu UI, making the game nicer to interact with, and fixing a bunch of small bugs that have crept up over time.
  • A bunch of new objects, to round out our “first batch” of additions.
  • Keyboard key rebinding.
  • Other small features, fixes and updates.
A peek at the updated Options menu!

A peek at the updated Options menu!

The next update will likely arrive towards the end of September.

Online Multiplayer Update

This is a big feature, and one that lots of people have been waiting for! We’ve been hard at work on this feature for months now. After the release of the August update, we’ve now moved more team members to focussing on this, so that we can bring it to the state where it’s ready for you to play.

We’ll have more information about online multiplayer, and what the update will contain, closer to the time.

AI Update

Another big focus for us are the AI drivers. As many of you know, the AI are not yet as competitive as we’d want them to be - and we are planning to have a significant update to them in the coming months.

This update will include improvements to their basic functions and skills, and will also see the introduction of the additional parameters and “profiles”, which will allow you to customise their behaviour to suit you.

New Cars and Tracks

Of course, along with future updates will have new cars and tracks at regular intervals! Stay tuned for more information about these.

When will GeneRally 2 leave Early Access?

We haven’t yet set an exact date for leaving Early Access and launching GeneRally 2 v1.0 - but we do have a set of features and updates in mind that we want to finish before we get there. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming months!

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