GeneRally 2

Game Update - v0.4.893dd8a

05 September 2023

v0.4.893dd8a - Hotfix

  • Early Access
  • Update


This update fixes a few issues with the AI. It also includes various optimisations for and improvements to game systems.


  • Improved AI’s ability to handle slides and hairpins.
  • Adjusted how fuel consumption and tyre wear are calculated to make the system more equal between keyboard, controller and AI players.
  • AI now knows not to wait for a full tank at the pits if it’s not needed to finish the race.
  • Various improvements and optimizations for faster and more stable car physics.
  • Various other optimizations.
  • Smoother car movement by extrapolating approximate car position at render time.
  • Small updates to French, Russian and English translations.
  • General now has a brake light.
  • Optimised the in-game UI’s performance a bit.
  • FIXED: Height map no longer gets distorted when importing a GR1 track.
  • FIXED: Wheels no longer clip through the car body.
  • FIXED: In-game UI no longer has update delays under some circumstances.