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August 2023

Community Choice - July 2023

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It’s time to announce the results of July’s Community Choice Award!

If you’re not familiar with the Community Choice Award, and what the rules and eligibility criteria are, you can find out more in the announcement blog post.

Without further ado, here are the winners…

🥇 1st: K3

1st: K3 - by KKr12

🥈 2nd: CIRCUIT(Exy14)

2nd: CIRCUIT(Exy14) - by えく

🥉 3rd: Ute

3rd: Ute - by KubixekTV

Congratulations to the winners - and a big “thank you” from the development team to everyone who submitted tracks to the Steam Workshop during July 🙏

All of the winners’ tracks have been added to the Community Choice Award Winners collection on the Workshop, so you can easily subscribe to all the winning tracks at once!

If you want to be eligible for August, you still have a little under two weeks left to submit a track to the Workshop!

To celebrate the release of GeneRally 1 track importing, upgraded GeneRally 1 tracks will, exceptionally, be eligible for August’s Community Choice Award.