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July 2023

Community Choice Award

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Today we’re happy to announce the Community Choice Award for GeneRally 2!

What is the Community Choice Award?

For those of you who have been around the GeneRally community for a long time, you might remember the community-run “Track of the Month” competition. This was a way to acknowledge the best tracks made each month, and provided a great starting point for newcomers to the game to find high-quality tracks to race on.

Now, for GeneRally 2, we want to do the same: acknowledge the most popular tracks each month, and give an easy starting point for newcomers to find tracks to race on.

Upload a track, win a (virtual) medal!

Upload a track, win a (virtual) medal!

How will it work?

First, second and third place awards will be given to the most popular tracks submitted to Steam Workshop in a given month. Popularity will be determined by the number of subscribers a track has roughly two weeks after the end of the month.

For example, for June 2023 (our first edition, the results of which are below), every track submitted to the Steam Workshop in June was ordered by the number of subscriptions as of the cut-off date - and the positions were awarded based on that.

For July 2023, every track submitted in July will be eligible (except for any tracks removed from the Workshop) - and the results will be calculated around two weeks into August, to give everyone a fair chance at winning.

We’ll be annoucing the winners on Discord and on our social media - and at the end of the year, we’ll make the year’s best tracks available as a “track pack” for everyone to enjoy 🥳

All of the winners’ tracks will be added to the Community Choice Award Winners collection on the Workshop, so you can easily subscribe to all of them in one go!

Are there any other rules?

  • Only new tracks are eligible (no updates, re-makes or slight variations).
  • Release time will be calculated in the developer’s timezone (in this case, Finnish time).
  • If the subscriptions are tied, the number of up-votes will be counted to break the tie.
  • In any other situation or where the rules aren’t clear, the GR2 dev team will make the final decision.

How do I participate?

Submit a track, matching the rules above, to the Steam Workshop (make sure its visibility is set to public), and wait for the results 😊

Winners: June 2023

So, the moment you’ve been waiting for, here are the results of the inaugural Community Choice Award

🥇 1st: Mugello Circuit

1st: Mugello Circuit - by megaGIGAjoule

🥈 2nd: Zandvoort

2nd: Zandvoort - by Frozen_Banana

🥉 3rd: Deserta

3rd: Deserta - by TuomoH

Congratulations to the winners - and a big “thank you” from the development team to everyone who submitted tracks to the Steam Workshop during June 🙏

If you want to be eligible for July, you still have a little under two weeks left to submit a track to the Workshop - and what better time than now to try out all the new objects from the July Update!