GeneRally 2

Game Update - v0.2.daceca4

19 June 2023

v0.2.daceca4 - Game Update

  • Early Access
  • Update


This update is primarily aimed at addressing performance issues, but also includes a variety of smaller feature updates. Please let us know if you encounter issues!


  • Improved the visualisation of slopes and height changes - height differences should be easier to “read” now.
  • Optimised many aspects of the track loading procedure to improve load times.
  • Optimised mesh-generation in-game to improve performance.
  • Optimised how the people dodge cars, to improve performance.
  • Added more details to the Formula car’s textures to bring it in line with the other cars.
  • Multiple physics tweaks to all cars to improve handling feeling.
  • Improved how cars behave when tyres lose contact with the road surface.
  • Adjusted gravity :)
  • Added a slipstreaming effect.
  • Pitcrews will now attempt to avoid vehicles!
  • Improved the AI logic relating to pitstops (in multiple ways - more improvements coming).
  • Slightly randomised the AI skill when adding a new AI driver.
  • Small updates to Beachville track to improve driveability.
  • 200% render scale no longer available, due to an underlying Unity engine issue.
  • FIXED: Ghost car no longer remains visible after a race restart.
  • FIXED: Reversing is no longer broken when coasting backwards.
  • FIXED: A crowd of people can no longer throw a car into the air.
  • FIXED: AI should no longer ignore the first AI node at the start of a race.


  • Silenced engine sounds when the game is paused.
  • Silenced engine sounds when loading/restarting a track.

User Interface

  • FIXED: Damage and tyre wear bars can no longer exceed the maximum value.
  • FIXED: Pressing “refresh” in the Workshop list, no longer resets your tag selection.

Track Editor

  • FIXED: Objects no longer float when importing a height map from file.
  • FIXED: The colour map on exported land maps no longer references “Oil”.
  • FIXED: StreetCircuit type tracks can now be saved and uploaded correctly.