GeneRally 2

Game Update - v0.2.29c6163

01 June 2023

v0.2.29c6163 - Post-Launch Update

  • Early Access
  • Update


This update should address a bunch of common issues as well as add a variety of small improvements. There will be further changes and improvements to the AI, physics, UI and other areas in future updates. Please let us know if you encounter issues!


  • AI has been improved somewhat - they now follow the racing line more confidently and take less avoiding action.
  • AI skill level is now more representative and accurate.
  • AI should no longer get “lost” after resetting.
  • AI should no longer pit on the last lap of a race in most cases.
  • Updated the Formula and the General to be less “floaty” and more driveable.
  • Increased the top speed of the Lightning.
  • Added a penalty for holding down the throttle whilst the lights go out.
  • Made the tyre wear rate depend on grip (lower wear on low-friction surfaces like ice).
  • Adjusted the colliders for the open-wheel cars, to allow them to race better side-by-side (and not get tangled in objects).
  • Small update to the Collisium track.
  • FIXED: Reverse should no longer enable when braking and drifting.
  • FIXED: Large world-size tracks no longer clip into the background.


  • Slightly adjusted the engine audio for the Lightning and the Classic.
  • Slightly adjusted default audio levels.
  • FIXED: Sound sliders should now appropriately control engine and car noises again.
  • FIXED: Player cars should no longer change audio level (or lose audio completely) when crossing the finish line.

User Interface

  • Adjusted how the colours are displayed in the Customise menu and added tooltips.
  • Updated the AI slider to show values and allow entering specific values.
  • Inverted the damage bar to increase with damage, rather than decrease.
  • Added an option to specify a frame-rate limit, in the Options menu (does not apply to menus).
  • Framerate in menu is always limited to 60fps to reduce GPU burden.
  • Updated the track list to be categorised by difficulty.
  • FIXED: The cursor no longer disappears when returning to the main menu from the “Press Any Key” screen before a race.
  • FIXED: Some minor misplaced UI.

Track Editor

  • Improved the way the pit AI line connects to the main AI line.
  • Added random track names to the track save dialog.
  • Narrowed the default width of the AI line gates to make placement easier.
  • Made it essential to have an AI line before a track can be uploaded to Steam Workshop.
  • Adjusted the default track zoom to be closer to the track.