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October 2023

GeneRally 2 Merchandise

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Today we’re launching the GeneRally 2 Merch Shop!

A few of the available items!

A few of the available items!

We’ve heard the requests for having the opportunity to buy GR2 T-shirts and hoodies, and now you can!

For those in Australia and New Zealand: We've been made aware that you're unable to select your country as a shipping destination - we are looking into this!

What can I buy?

At the moment we have T-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, stickers, coasters and a few other things. You can find a full list of what we have at the Merch Shop.

Some more of the available items!

Some more of the available items!

How does it work?

We’ve set up the shop on Spreadshirt, which is a long-time provider of on-demand printing. We’ve always been happy with the quality of products they’ve provided, so it seemed like a logical choice.

We upload our designs and select products on Spreadshirt, so you can buy them. When you buy them, Spreadshirt prints and ships the items to you. They handle all of the customer support, delivery, and even returns - which allows us to focus on working on GeneRally 2! If you have any problems with the items you purchase, please let us know.

How does this help GeneRally 2?

By purchasing, we receive a portion of the purchase price from Spreadshirt (the exact amount varies between items). This money goes straight to covering the development costs of the game, and allows us to spend more time on the game or hire other people to work with us on specific features!

i.e. anything you buy from the Merch Shop directly supports the development of GeneRally 2!

Will there be more designs in future?

If there’s demand - we’ll definitely add more designs. We have some ideas in mind, but we wanted to start with a simple set of items, to gauge interest and hear feedback from the community!

If you want to make suggestions for what you’d like to see in future, please get in touch with us or consider sharing your opinion on our Discord server!