GeneRally 2

Game Update - v0.5.bf6f65b

28 June 2024

v0.5.bf6f65b - Game Update

  • Early Access
  • Update


This update includes a variety of AI fixes, a few physics fixes, and some new objects and object variants!

Gameplay & Performance

  • AI now calculate the fuel they need to finish in a more “human-like” fashion.
  • Adjusted tyre wear calculation to reduce AI advantage.
  • Improved the low-speed turning behaviour of the Drift and Lightning.
  • FIXED: AI no longer drive through the pits on the last lap unnecessarily.
  • FIXED: Edges of bridge models now cause significantly less “bouncing”.
  • FIXED: AI should no longer have a disadvantage in certain grid slots (hopefully).

Track Editor

  • Added new coloured variants of the various armco barriers.
  • Added a new Chain Link Fence object.

Known Issues

  • The main menu sometimes experiences distortions or other rendering issues - changing resolution, or restarting the game may rectify the issue.
  • Occasionally, when in Windowed mode, changing the language multiple times in quick succession can shrink the game window.