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May 2023

Early Access Details

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GeneRally 2 launched into Steam Early Access today!

We’re very excited that you can now try out GeneRally 2! If you want to purchase the game and support its development, please visit the Steam store page.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, the price of the game will increase throughout Early Access, as we add more features and polish. If you want to get the game a little bit cheaper - and also give feedback on the game’s development and direction - then now’s your chance!


In our last blog post we talked a little bit about what Early Access will contain. Today we’ll talk a little bit more about some of the areas of development, so you can understand a bit better what you’ll be getting when you buy today, and what we’re aiming to deliver to you during Early Access!

Release Scheduling

On average, we will be aiming to deliver one significant release per month whilst in Early Access. If there are critical bugs, or we’re just ready “early” with an update, we’ll release more often than that.

We think that a month gives a good balance between the time we have to spend focussing on preparing for a release (that takes away from normal development time), and ensuring that you receive frequent updates to the game.

Tracks and Cars

With each new major release, we plan to bring more cars and tracks to the game. We are planning to bring a wider variety of vehicles, with unique handling characteristics, and new tracks to challenge players and provide unique driving experiences.

The Snorge track

The Snorge track

AI & Physics

The AI and car physics are a major focus of our ongoing development. One of the major advantages of Early Access is that we’ll be able to gather a large amount of player feedback on these systems and tweak and improve them over time.

Regarding the AI, we have plans for more customisation options, including behaviour profiles and sliders for things like “aggressiveness” and “consistency”. You’ll be able to customise your AI drivers to have unique personalities that might benefit them or disadvantage them in certain cars or tracks!

On top of this, the AI will generally become smarter and more aware of their surroundings!

The menus (both the main menus and the in-game menus) will be receiving updates throughout the Early Access period, both in terms of visuals and in terms of features. For example, we’ll be adding more local filtering options to the “Local Tracks” part of the track selection screen.

Various parts of the UI - including the Editor - will get more up-to-date styling and tooltips.

The Track Editor

The Track Editor

Track Editor

Whilst the Track Editor is one of the more complete parts of the game, we do have a number of important improvements we’ll be implementing during Early Access.

On an improvement front, we’re specifically going to be working on the AI Line and Speed Limiter tools, to bring them to the same level of quality as the other features within the Editor.

In addition, we’ll be adding more features to the Editor all the time - as well as new objects and object “variants” (versions of the same objects, that might be a different colour or texture).

Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer is one of the major features we want to achieve in Early Access. After we have stabilised the game’s basic features and functionalities (for example the physics and AI systems), we will focus on developing a stable multiplayer experience, so you can race GeneRally 2 with your friends or strangers online!

GR1 Track Importing

As we teased last week on social media, we are working on bringing track importing for GR1 tracks to GeneRally 2. We’ll have more news to share about this in due course.

GR1 Track Importing

GR1 Track Importing

How can I give feedback?

We’re keen to hear what you think of the game, and if you encounter any bugs or other issues! If you want to give feedback, you can do so by joining our Discord server.


We’ll keep updating this blog and information on our Steam page with our goals and progress over the course of the Early Access period - so stay tuned!