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February 2023

Demo & Steam Next Fest!

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GeneRally 2 is participating in Steam Next Fest, which runs from the 6th-13th of February!

The demo is already available to try, and you can find it on our Steam store page!

Note: The demo will be available until the 13th of February, after which time it will be taken down, as we continue to focus on getting the game ready for its Early Access launch!

Demo Features

  • 1x Car: Rally
  • 3x Tracks: Tropico (Tarmac), Polarius (Tarmac/Ice), Mudroot (Mud)
  • Track Editor with Test Mode (save/load restricted).
  • Up to 8 drivers (any mix of local players and AI drivers).
  • Support for Steam Remote Play.

The Rally car is a new-player-friendly car designed to handle all types of surface and terrain. It may not be the most powerful car, but it’s stable, and forgiving to drive. Various cars and car types will be available when the game launches into Early Access.

Demo Limitations

The demo is limited in some ways - these limitations do not exist in the full game.

  • No customisation of race settings (race laps are limited to 3).
  • No car colour selection (random only).
  • No load/save in the Track Editor.
  • No damage, tyre wear or fuel usage.
  • No adjustment of AI skill level.
  • No key/controller rebinding (as a result, some controllers may not work).

Giving Feedback

We’re keen to hear what you think of the demo, and if you encounter any bugs or other issues! If you want to give feedback, you can do so by joining our Discord server.

If you want to find out what we have planned for GeneRally 2 for the future, you can take look at our public roadmap.